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M&M’s The Green Lantern

If you haven’t seen The Green Lantern yet then good on you. You’ve just saved 2 hours of your life which can be used for more productive stuff such as watching paint dry.
You know the film won’t be that good when the video of a couple of chocolate men talking about the film can [...]

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GALAXY Tab hosting Extreme Birthday Parties

Mitch Manikowski, CEO of Manikowski Worldwide decides to combine his annual corporate retreat with his 6 year old son’s birthday. Have you been chased by a pack of screaming children awarmed with plastic swords? The employees of Manikowski Worldwide have.
Fortunately for them they brought along the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Watch how they survive in [...]

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Keeping Cool in Cannes

The ultra fashionable, super exclusive Cannes Films festival has always been a hot spot for Cool people.
Recently, there’s a new cat on the scene, redefining what it means to be cool: Jacques d’Azur – a French film producer/director/actor/tennis player/chess master/ backgammon champion/waterskiing pioneer and full time bon-vivant known for his work on the red carpets [...]

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Having just heard the terrible news of the latest earthquake to hit Haiti I did a quick Google search to check the live results as twitter was over capacity. This caught my eye:
Do you think this is morally wrong? I do.
Is it right that Bing is competing for terms against charities?